Flute Fest is Fun and Beautiful Music

Instrumentation: This CD features the Miyazawa silver/gold/platinum flute, acoustic Boston (Steinway) Grand Piano, multiple keyboards, tabla, conga, bass and lead doumbeks, riq, trap drums, chimes, shakers, gong, vocal oohs and aahs, acoustic upright and 5 string electric bass, classical and electric rock guitars and mandolins. There is also a "cameo appearance" of thunder recorded from the studio window.

Genre: To create this CD, Andalin and Alan Scott Bachman pulled together an eclectic blend of classical, jazz, rock and Middle Eastern / Mediterranean music. This music will be marketed under such names as World Beat Music, Tribal Fusion, Jazz Fusion and New Age.

Rhythm: Mid-East / Mediterranean ("Americanized") ~ Chiftitelli, Saidi, Bolero, Bossa Nova, Rock, Slow 4/4, 6/8, Beladi, Meringue and undefined! This is "Flute Fest." Thank you. :) The rhythms are collectively called "World Beat" and "Tribal Fusion." Desert Wind thanks the core of civilization for laying the rhythmical foundation for this release.

What others say about Desert Wind music: Please visit the Desert Wind Fan's Page.

What others say about Andalin's performance:
Tim Haran, writing for City Search Utah said, "Her energetic and electrifying flute work is the synthesis of jazz, rock, classical, blues, new age and exotic world music influences."

Saqra (Kent, WA) took the song "Power Flute" from the Desert Wind World Dance (2 CD Set) and created an instructional video on veil to what she calls "Andalin's glorious flute improvisation."

Jareeda Magazine (National Magazine) feature article review of a previous CD: "The sultry yet powerful flute sounds are accredited to the brilliant workmanship of Andalin Bachman, who has been playing the flute for over three decades. She plays fervently throughout the album, adding her own brand of eloquence and zeal. Her energy seems boundless as she improvises with Middle Eastern scales upon exotic rhythms.

Morocco (NYC, NY) was there that memorable night in Portland, OR, when Andalin cut loose for the first time with jazz improv over the fascinating Middle Eastern and Mediterranean scales, chords and rhythms at a Jareeda event in October of 1998. Five years later, in response to Andalin's e-mail regarding this upcoming release, she received this response dated 09/11/03: "I was JUST thinking about you Fri. eve, out of the clear blue & what a delight it was to dance to your beautiful music!!!"

The Denver Post, regarding a Telluride Jazz Festival performance, called Andalin's flute playing "fiery, seductive, and strong!"

The Salt Lake Jazz Society, Jazz Forum (Poster): "With her slightly ribald exuberance turned full on, Andalin, in four bars of 'Summertime,' can transform drab ambiance into friendly vitality."

Jay Lawrence, President Jazz Arts of the Mountain West: "With plentiful talent underscoring her exciting presentation and consummate professionalism, Andalin is sure to more than satisfy any buyer of live music anywhere."

Now Alan Scott Bachman has used his imagination and time tested talent as an expert recording engineer to capture and produce this on CD!

Here's what Andalin has to say about this CD:

"I know it is NOT classically 'correct'. I studied with many great flutists in the classical tradition. Luckily, I found out at an early age what the incredible Hubert Laws was able to do with a classical background and a taste for jazz. He set the stage.

The short version is that my family got to deal with the fact that my ultimate personal goal in life was not to play with the local symphony or accompany the ballet. As Miles Davis once said, "I was born to play music. That's what I do . . . ." He did it his way, as I do it mine! (On the other hand, if the symphony or ballet were to call, we'd be there!) The Flute Fest CD is not entirely jazz, but very jazzy. It borrows from the past and moves forward. I know Miles would approve. ~Listen to You're the Bossa. It rocks, but it's not rock 'n roll.~Listen to Downtown Beladi and Disco Beladi. ~And we could not resist the opportunity to expand upon Ludwig van Beethoven's first movement of his "Moonlight Sonata." So, it has some classical overtones, but it certainly is not a classical CD. (Did you know it is said that over 10,000 people attended Beethoven's funeral?) ~Listen to Moonlight Sonata now, complete with tabla!

So, what is it? There is an incredible connection I have found with dancers who know the passion and pleasure of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean rhythms, scales and chord progressions. ~Listen to Tribal Convergence.

Upon the release of this CD, Andalin said, "I can't wait to see the dances which will make these sounds visible! Watching my music come alive with the dancers has inspired me to record with dancers in mind. Dancers and musicians are evolving together. This CD let me be me!"