Meet the Flute Fest Musicians

ANDALIN BACHMAN is the recipient of the prestigious national "Selmer Award for Excellence in Jazz Performance" and has enjoyed scholarships from the Intermountain Collegiate Jazz Festival and from the National Stage Band Camps. Her energetic and electrifying flute work is the synthesis of jazz, rock, classical, blues, new age, and exotic world music influences. Following a Telluride Jazz Festival performance, the Denver Post called her performance "fiery, seductive, and strong!" When she's not tearing on her flute, she adds another dimension by playing her saxophone fingered wind synthesizer ~ just for fun!  Andalin graduated ("late in life") Summa Cum Laude with a degree in business and works as a senior paralegal to support her first love ~ music. She now joins her soulmate Alan in devoting two jobs and two incomes and the rest of their time to the calling of Desert Wind.

ALAN SCOTT BACHMAN is acclaimed internationally as one of the original innovators of "tribal fusion" music in "Americanized" Middle Eastern dance music. He started the band known as Desert Wind over twelve years ago in Portland, Oregon. His dazzling keyboard work, songs, and arrangements include influences from the blues, jazz, classical, and pop/rock/funk/disco music~ with a unique dash of Mediterranean spice, and a "hint" of formal training as may be expected from his musical studies at the Eastman School of Music. His live performance with Desert Wind opened the first ever, and now annual, “International Academy Awards of Middle Eastern Dance” in Los Angeles, CA, and the rave reviews come in on a regular basis from the worldwide use of his recordings. Alan led Desert Wind to Somerset, New Jersey to open the first ever "Rakkasah-East," which has become an exciting annual event. Originally from Rochester, New York, Alan has made his home in the Rocky Mountains of Salt Lake City where he serves as a Utah Assistant Attorney General by days in support of his passion ~ music.

RAJAB JUMA has been with Desert Wind for over ten years. His doumbek and riq work is both driving and subtle on demand. Raj has brought Desert Wind exciting rhythms from his homeland of Libya. When Raj begins the rhythmical intro to "Sahara", the room moves! Raj has made America his home and does sound regularly for the Church of Religious Science in Salt Lake City. He works as an audio technician and has many professional recordings to his credit. Rajab has audio engineered major venue performances including Rakkasah near San Francisco and the annual International Dance Gala in Salt Lake City, Utah. No event is too big or too small to appreciate his passionate drumming and technical expertise.

GEORGE GRANT has earned a reputation as "an adventurous musician and intrepid teacher." As a performer and clinician, George fuses his wide influence in World Music with his roots in jazz improvisation. His "alternative drum sets" include tabla, zarb, kanjira, claypots, many sizes of frame drums and cymbals, with lots of percussion colour. He has performed with many American jazz and classical masters, and with virtuosos from Asia and the Middle East. As a full time Artist in Residence for 13 years, George taught his unique Drum Talk method in public schools and universities in Utah and Idaho. George Grant's Drum Talk is a modern approach to an ancient method - chanting vocal syllable patterns to prepare for drumming - and all other music. For centuries, many cultures have understood the secret - "If You Can Say It, You Can Play It." George Grant says it. Learn more about George at DRUMTALK.COM.

TERENCE HANSEN, “guitarist extrordinare,” is stunning in his simultaneous performance on two guitars. His presence in Desert Wind is part of a continuum, taking him a step beyond the jazz fusion / progressive rock idiom which brought him here. A talented singer, songwriter, arranger, Terence has entertained many a standing room only audience. Among his numerous credits are his presentations at guitar clinics sponsored by D.O.D. Electronics, Abel Axe Guitar, Inc. and Starsmith Music, Inc. Terence has been involved in the musical recording and production company, DreamAttik Productions, Inc., and is known for his unique blend of charisma, versatility, originality and talent. He is currently working on a spectacular trilogy with his band VOID OF COURSE. Learn more about Terence at VOIDOFCOURSEMUSIC.COM.

ZJARI! Finally! Desert Wind found the Goddess Vocalist herself! Zjari's soothing and alluring voice is just the magic they wanted. It is no surprise that her voice has been showcased in numerous television jingle campaigns, including those for five Fortune 500 corporations. Among numerous other credits, she was the lead vocal talent in a made-for-television production and featured vocalist for several radio commercial projects. Zjari’s added experience as an actress for direct response television commercials has taken her into over seventy markets nationally. On "Flute Fest" Zjari adds the ooohs and aaahs adding that final touch.

DAVE BEUTLER began his drumming career at the age of seven on his mothers tupperware and aquired his first drumset at the age of ten. By the age of fifteen he was already playing professionally in bars and clubs with The Gruelers, a local rock band. Since then he has performed with numerous acts including Positive Mayhem, The Gaslight District, Terence Hansen Band, Marmalade Hill, Freeway, Tornado Blue and most recently with The Spoofs. For the past ten years Dave has been studying music with renowned drummer/percussionist Jay Lawrence. Desert Wind was impressed with Dave's precision, focus and enthusiasm and is grateful for his performance on the "Flute Fest" CD.

BRETT “ANGUS” BOWEN is a driving force behind the passionate and mesmerizing music of Desert Wind. Angus is a multi- percussionist specializing in Egyptian/Arabic and Afro-Cuban drums. Angus has studied with many greats in Mideast percussion including Hossam Ramzy, Hossam el Gafour, and Billy Woods. He performs regularly with Kairo By Night and has both studied and performed with Mark Bell and, on Latin percussion, with Ricardo Romero. Originally from Seal Beach, CA, Angus has been performing and teaching percussion in the Intermountain West for the past ten years. His conga playing is a great addition as "Flute Fest" moves toward the mainstream in fun music.

BERNO DANYLIK is the "funk" in Desert Wind and the DysFUNKtionals! His acoustic and electric bass playing adds a whole new rockin' dimension to the live band. Berno is originally from New Jersey, where he got an outstanding education in jazz through the New England Conservatory of Music. He continued as a serious working musician with cover bands that played the "club scene" throughout New Jersey, New York and Long Island. Interestingly, this East Coast gem found himself on the other side of the country in the Los Angeles Cherokee Studios doing recording sessions with the likes of Mark Slaughter and Dana Strum. Having worked as a lead singer, acoustic and electric bass player and movie songwriter, Berno is an unbelieveable find in Salt Lake City, and a great addition to Desert Wind!


       Desert Wind is an independent, self-produced recording / performing band which was created by Alan Scott Bachman, originally from Rochester New York. He has self-produced several CDs which are now sold throughout the world by a number of distributors within two niche markets: new age music, and world - bellydance. A big surprise was the wonderful response from Germany! In 1996 Alan met Andalin, a world-class jazz flutist, with the Selmer Award of Jazz Performance and numerous other credits to her history. The two shared a second wind with this union, and together they have produced World Dance, a full length two CD-set, She is a Tree of Life, another full length two CD-set, Christmas: Rhythms of the Holy Land and most recently, Flute Fest. With Flute Fest, Desert Wind has been embraced, almost "overnight" by the mainstream, instrumental community!

       While previous titles ("Gaia, Earth Goddess," "Return to the Goddess," "Kali Ma," and "Shekhina, Hebrew Goddess") are still helping to provide the funding for their continued work, Alan & Andalin are now reaching out to a broader, more commercial audience, with an exciting blend of classical, jazz, and world beat musical influences.

       Desert Wind is based in Salt Lake City, Utah ~ a beautiful place in the Rocky Mountains from which to make their frequent trips to the Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland, Denver, and the San Francisco Bay areas of the West. Alan's "day job" is assistant attorney general for the State of Utah, and Andalin is employed as a paralegal. Virtually every dime and free hour of their time is devoted to the production and love of this music.