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Here are our recommended links to Great Flute Sites,
as well as to some special flutists
who have influenced the flute work on this CD.

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Great Flutists who have directly influenced Andalin!

Julius Baker continues to color Andalin's music from beyond,
as he was the teacher of her teacher, the late Eugene Foster,
and a hero as one of her flute master class instructors.

Hubert Laws IS the reason Andalin is a jazz flutist. There is a story about
that Senior Prom Andalin was invited to while a junior in high school. Her date
went home to get his trumpet to sit in with the band, and Andalin was blown away
by the fantastic sound of the jazz flute that night.
Rick Lameroux, the flutist at the dance, told her about Hubert Laws.
Andalin bought every recording she could find and transcribed them.
Even her Grandmother, who was a piano and violin music teacher,
loved the album. The rest is history.

William Kincaid
wrote an paper called "Kincaidiana." Believe it or not,
it was the flutist from the rock group Iron Butterfly who gave that article to
Andalin following a rock concert at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah.
That night Andalin's sterling silver Haynes Piccolo was stolen out of her coat pocket.
It was due to that sad event that Andalin discovered William Kincaid.
Her flute teacher at the time, Charlotte June Burgess, introduced Andalin to his recordings.
Andalin credits his concept of embouchre, breathing and the special
Kincaid secrets in the delivery of her highly acclaimed flute tone.

Jean-Pierre Rampal
~ Andalin's Teacher's Teacher's Teacher.
He was a master. He is missed and most appreciated!

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Flute Makers
Miyazawa Flute Makers
Andalin's recording flute is a white gold / silver blend
with platinum springs and 14K gold lip plate, custom made by Miyazawa.

W.S. Haynes Flute Makers
Andalin's professional flute and educational flute, for 25 years,
was handmade by the W. S. Haynes Company. A dream of hers is to
one day own a gold Haynes. Can you imagine?!

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