FROM DESERT WIND

                 Reviewed by Jasel, Assistant Editor, Jareeda
                       The International Magazine for Middle Eastern Dance

If you are looking for a CD with a "lighter" sound, then run out and buy this CD!
Andalin Bachman and Desert Wind have created one of the best CDs for dancers, music lovers, jazz enthusiasts, and dreamers of course!

This CD has 13 songs and is just over an hour of awe-inspiring music. There is almost everything on this CD: world beat dance music, rock, jazz and Middle Eastern tribal fusion, all enhanced by the exotically beautiful sound of Andalin's flute. The songs on this CD feature Andalin on Miyazawa silver/gold/platinum flute while Alan and the rest of Desert Wind add the grand piano, mandolin, tablas, doumbeks, electric and acoutic bass, guitar and so much more! It makes for some of the best music by Desert wind yet.

The first song, "Parthenogenesis" begins and ends with sounds of rain and thunder, which was recorded live from their studio window. This is the perfect way to start and end this song, because it is almost elemental in the way it reaches into you and pulls at your soul.

Two of my favorites on this CD are "Roses Bloom" and "Veil Dancer." They are both chiftitellies and are exceptional pieces for dancing, especially with veil. "Roses Bloom" brings to mind spring, the wonderful light blessed feeling of springtime, flowers and sunshine. It is a joy to listen to. "Veil Dancer" will inspire you to be all you can be just to dance to this song! It is magestic and slow, but also uplifting and awesome at the same time. Anyone dancing to or just hearing this music can't help but believe.

"Andalin's Song" and "Flute Voyage" are also excellent veil pieces to dance to. On both of these pieces Andalin has outdone herself. They both push the feeling of leaving on a journey of discovery and the joys that wait at the end. "Andalin's Song" is very moving and powerfully sincere, while "Flute Voyage" brings you the joys of voyages and leaves you with the longing to just listen to it one more time, and trust me: you will!

"Downtown Beladi" and "Disco Beladi" are both of course beladis, but while they both just make you dance to that wonderful rhythm the flute work is what makes them different. "Disco" brings to mind just that: a room filled with people just dancing for the sheer joy of it. This song would work wonderfully for a troupe, duet or just a group of dancers wanting to just DANCE. "Downtown" is earthier and brings to mind an organized dance with lots and lots of people. It just brings you to earth with that AWESOME funky bass. That sound just makes this whole song the one that I want to listen to over & over again.

All of the songs on this CD are original except for "Moonlight Sonata" which is of course by Beethoven. Now this version of this Beethoven favorite is definitely all Desert Wind! They have added a hauntingly powerful flute arrangement to it, plus drums and tablas, all in their tribal fusion/world beat way. This is hands down the best song on the CD to me. It combines a beautiful classical piece loved by all into an even more beautiful awesome piece of music. It truly brings classical music into the world beat music arena. It blends east and west, past and present flawlessly giving hope for the future of music.

"Bachman's Bolero" is of course Spanish inspired and you can hear it in the guitar and drum beat. But the flute makes this song so much more than that. It brings to mind the vision of a stately cantina dancer who uses this song not only to entertain but also hold her audience breathless as she conveys her love to her lover. It is very powerful and almost reverent in sound.

"You're the Bossa" is one of those songs you hear that just makes you glad to be alive on the planet. It is beautiful and fun all at the same time, dancing to this song would be pure joy for all involved, dancer and audience. The flute in this song takes your breath away, makes you smile and fills your soul all at once! Not too bad for a 5 minute song!

"Tribal Convergence" and "Return of the Tribes" are both excellent examples of Desert Wind's tribal fusion sound,and once again bring joy and fun into your dancing or just listening pleasure. They both bring to mind gatherings of people, dancers and musicians alike who have come together to just celebrate life! You can almost see the dancing, hear the laughter in their voices as they return to the gathering like in "Return." These songs are tribal fusion at it's best.

Everyone has at one time or another experienced the feeling of being in a rut due to all sorts of things. Well here is the song to fix that feeling!!! "Fly with Me" is phenomenal! The vocals that are added, the music accents, the pure FUN sound in this song will make you dance. If after turning on this song you don't feel the absolute compelling need to dance, then I want you to sit down, take your temperature, and call your doctor! Hands down this song is what this CD is! A joyful, fun, uplifiting voyage with music for all.

There is a dedication ont this CD "to the dancers, dreamers and believers who awakened this flute fantasy. . . ." As a dancer, dreamer and believer I can only say this to Andalin and Desert Wind for this wonderful CD: BRAVO, BRAVO, and BRAVO! You have my heartfelt thanks for creating this wonderful sound!